Van. Lango

"There is no beauty without some strangeness."

About the Artist

Scavenged from the Earth and picked clean; I incorporate found objects into my oil paintings. I see beauty, see use, in what others discard and neglect. My artwork speaks to the interaction between the human spirit and the possession of discarded earthly materials. I use cradled birch panels of wood to paint on and leave the sketch marks on the wood to portray process and transformation of the artwork. My paintings are influenced by being part Native American and indigenous Oklahoman culture. In some pieces, I use a strong female form to encourage  traditional ideals about "Mother Nature". In other pieces, I feel the decomposed and abandoned condition of the found items speak for themselves.

As a printmaker; my Woodcuts and Silkscreen Prints tell a story of profound influences in my life. Printing allows me a visual and physical way to hang onto experiences that I am not ready to let go of. Like stored snapshots of my personality, my prints are re-creations of memories. These prints illustrate the people, places, media and culture that have molded me into who I am today.


Bio on the Fringe Ok Website. Click here.